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The Beans on Cracker Show is on hiatus! Cracker has decided to leave the show. We here at Beans on Cracker wish Cracker the best of luck in her future endeavors! We know that she is a shining star and she is going places. She will be missed ... She was such an intricate part of the show and she will not be easily replaceable! We want to thank Cracker for her seven and a half years of service!

Beans will be back, but will be taking a break to rebuild the show, to find a new co-host, to breathe and to cope with the huge loss and to try and fill the huge shoes that Cracker leaves behind!



Beans and Cracker

Beans and Cracker are a married couple, they've been together for 7 years and they are making it work! They are sharing their experiences, adventures and knowledge!

Nothing is off limits here at Beans on Cracker! Our goal is for our listeners to be informed about ALL things relating to relationships, dating and sex.

Our regular segments are: Beans on Cracker News, Legal Minute with Cracker, The Bro Code, Product of the Week, Sports Break, and Pathetic Facebook Post. Grab a drink, sit down, and join the LIVE chat as Beans and Cracker record their podcast LIVE (no edits or retakes).

We hope you will become one of our regular listeners!

We record our show LIVE every Wednesday at 7 pm Pacific!

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